Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Light, Shadow, Crystal, Plant, Thunderbolt, Ice

1 Box. 1 Vision. Deck Construction & Hand Management in its purest form. Support NOW!

Choose your guilds, combine their powers and rush into battle. Gain Riftforce from the lands you control and all the elementals you destroy until you have enough to ascend to eternal power.

Smooth Deck Construction

Each game of Riftforce demands a new strategy. Start by selecting 4 of the 10 unique guilds to combine them into 1 of 210 possible alliances. A look at your (opponent’s) summoners is enough to understand their abilities! Nonetheless be prepared for surprises from synergistic combo attacks.

Clever Hand Management

The core of Riftforce lies in its gripping card system. Every elemental in your hand is defined by its number and symbol. When playing or activating you can choose up to three elementals with either the same number or symbol. That gives you the flexibility to unleash the power of a single guild or perform combo attacks with different elementals.

Engaging Decisions

Your elementals act both as your units and the resource needed for activating their abilities. Manage them well, because if you play too many elementals to the lands, you will lack the options to activate them.

But before we dive too deep into the full rules of Riftforce:

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